I’m a teaching assistant and research lead at a Nottingham special school for social, emotional and mental health difficulties (formerly known as SEBD). They’re all boys and mostly they are lovely.

I’ve worked with all age groups at some point (7-16) but at the moment I spend my time delivering literacy interventions or working with the KS4 English and Art groups. Outside the classroom I have built and maintain the school websites for our federation.

I completed my MEd a couple of years ago and I like to try and keep up to date with educational research through various means, including the researchEd conferences. I’ve been the school’s research lead since September 2014 and I’ve got various things on the go with this including a national research trial of Lesson Study and the school journal club. Since starting the school journal club I’ve helped set up our TSA journal club and presented at the researchED Research Leads Network in Cambridge.

I also have an element of control over school blogging. I was sent on a course. We have lots of blogs and I’m trying to get everyone to use them properly.

Some of the ones I’ve written are here:

Blogging blog
Staff Share blog
Scalextric blog


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  1. Peter Bently

    05/01/2015 at 16:22

    Hello and Happy New Year! I’m pleased that The Great Dog Bottom Swap has gone down well. Good luck with your excellent work.

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