Realy is now being published on our Trust website here:

Printable PDF versions of issues so far are here:

October 2018 – Relay Issue 22

July 2018 – Relay Issue 21

May 2018 – Relay Issue 20

March 2018 – Relay Issue 19

February 2018 – Relay Issue 18

December 2017 – Relay Issue 17

October 2017 – Relay Issue 16

July 2017 – Relay Issue 15

May 2017 – Relay Issue 14

March 2017 – Relay Issue 13

February 2017 – Relay Issue 12

December 2016 – Relay Issue 11

October 2016 – Relay Issue 10

July 2016 – Relay Issue 9

May 2016 – Relay Issue 8

March 2016 – Relay Issue 7

February 2016 – Relay Issue 6

December 2015 – Relay Issue 5

October 2015 – Relay Issue 4

July 2015 – Relay Issue 3

May 2015 – Relay Issue 2

April 2015 – Relay Issue 1

Inspired by several people, especially Ffion Eaton, I decided to start a Learning and Development Bulletin at school.

I went with using ‘learning’ and ‘development’ rather than including ‘teaching’ or ‘research’ because I wanted to make sure it was accessible to all members of staff. I’m conscious that ‘teacher’ gets used as a blanket term but for those of us that aren’t one there’s always a bit of doubt as to whether we’re included. The name Relay was the result of a frustrating afternoon with thesaurus. I settled on it as it’s symbolic of the main purpose for the bulletin, to share and pass on information between members of staff. I want to encourage everyone to contribute to Relay – whether that’s writing an article or review, or simply prompting discussions in the staff room. I’m aiming for half-termly publication and so far I’ve managed this (with a bumper summer edition in my first year). It’s mostly stuff I’ve encountered at conferences/teach-meets or via Twitter but I’ve tried to go for a spread of topics and opinions.

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